Surgical Consultations

Dr. Rosenman is a highly skilled gynecologic surgeon. She has spent many years in extensive post-residency training in order to achieve special expertise in advanced techniques to treat urinary incontinence as well as pelvic organ prolapse (cytocele: dropped bladder and rectocele: bulging rectum), advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery, abdominal surgery for large fibroids as well as laparoscopic surgery for many fibroids. Dr. Rosenman has been called upon to teach these procedures to other gynecologists locally, and at UCLA.


However, Dr. Rosenman has a conservative surgical philosophy and often recommends either non-surgical management or minimally invasive surgical treatment for both urogynecologic and gynecologic health problems. We welcome you to see her for consultation regarding your problem.


Health Insurance

Dr. Rosenman now accepts many of the health insurance plans that include coverage with UCLA Health.  You may wish to speak with your benefits coordinator or consult your health plan provider directory to confirm that Dr. Rosenman and UCLA Health accept your insurance coverage.


Our office provides special assistance to help you schedule surgery procedures.